Very nice and professional. Dr. Ghalchi took the time to get to know me and understand me and my medical history. Although I was seeing him for something simple he did make some recommendations as to how I should proceed with other unrelated health issues. He was very knowledgeable and kind. –ZocDoc

ZocDoc Verified Patient
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Dr. Ghalchi had a very positive demeanor and while keeping the conversation light, he more than adequately answered all of my questions (regardless of how dumb they were). –ZocDoc

Vincent H.
ZocDoc Review

Dr Ghalchi is an awesome doctor, words are not enough to express his level of care for his patient. As a Patient myself, I appreciate the time he takes to explain and go thru as well as addressing all of my concerns. He is most definitely the best!!! PS. you dont have to wait very long to be seen which is even more awesome. I would recommend Dr. Ghalchi all day every day to anyone who needs a great caring cardiologist in Midtown NYC. –Google

Racheal Charles
Google Review

Dr Ghalchi is first and foremost an excellent physician, but so are many of his fellow cardiologists. What distinguishes him from his colleagues is his bedside manner. He is warm, compassionate, caring, available, responsive and reassuring He has treated both of my parents superbly for over a year now, and I offer him my highest recommendation. When I mention his name to other physicians, they smile and nod knowingly, perhaps because they have been involved –Google

Bruce Tuchman
Google Review

The office assistants are amazing . They are friendly and quite personable . My doctor is very professional and I always feel like he has my best interest at heart . He is extraordinary and I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needed a great cardiologist. … –Google

Stephen Beard
Google Review

Dr Ghalchi is a warm , caring, knowledgeable doctor. He treats patients as if they were his own family. Thanks Dr. Ghalchi for tasking such good care of my father!! –Google

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